Villány 2017

Intense deep ruby with purple tones. Raspberries and prunes dominate the nose and palate. A simple wine with pure tannins and refreshing fruitiness. A joy to be served with good Hungarian home cooked meals or anything spicy. Even better when chilled a bit.


Varietal composition: portugieser
Recommended drinking temperature: 12 ℃
Alcohol content: 12 %
Bottle size: 0,75 l



Siklós' rich character and is ranked among the top vineyards in the region. Climate is important when it comes to acidity in wine, especially for red.  The location of this winery is unique because the constant wind movement results in a higher air temperature difference between day and night. Plants breathe better during a cooler night which preserves the valuable acids in grapes.


After hand-harvest, rigorous hand-sorting. 18 days of total maceration to preserve the varietal's character. Controlled malolactic fermentation in stainless steel. Aged for 7 month in steel tanks.

No oak

The Year

The fall-winter resting time of the vineyards was very cold in 2017, with just a moderate amount of snow. The above average warm months of March resulted very early bud-break on the Blaufrankisch (Kékfrankos) plantations, followed by the Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The pre-blooming period was exremely warm leading to quick blooming and binding in the second two weeks of May. The June-August period was warm and balanced. In July several quick but heavy storms put our perfectly ripening bunches in risk. Due to the steady high temperatures the sugar development of the berries was quicker than usual, only slowing down by early August. The early fall colder nights came just in time helping to build acidity and aromas. The harvest started with the Rose bases as usual, followed by a cold and dry September. Ripening slowed down a bit while we gained more acidity and wonderful aromas! Luckily, October rewarded us with awesome warm weather to finish the harvest with the big reds, Cabernet Sauvignon closing the cellar door. The conclusion? Lean and elegant wines, lively colors, vibrant acidity, moderate alcohol, balance over body.


Type Wine
Acidity 5,8 g/l
Alcohol content 12 %
Varietal composition: portugieser
pH 3,45
Bottle size 0,75 l
Beginning of harvest 2017-08-30
Bottling date 2018-05-10
Vinification in stainless steel
Ageing time 7 Month
Vineyards Makár


Intense deep-ruby color with purple tones.
Raspberries and prunes dominate the nose. A simple wine with refreshing fruitiness
Summer wine with simple tannins and lively fruitiness. A joy to be served with good Hungarian home cooked meals or anything spicy.