Pinot Noir Birs

Tokaj 2017

Light and aerial with strawberry and goosberry aromas followed by earthy notes and nutmeg. Wonderfully silky tannins fill the palate before the balanced finish. 

Varietal composition: pinot noir
Recommended drinking temperature: 12 ℃
Alcohol content: 13,5 %
Bottle size: 0,75 l



We have  done essential preservation to the vineyard within  the last two years: vines were restructured, erosion prevention measures were implemented and centuriesold terraces were given a new lease of life. The stone walls were rebuilt in an angle to give solid protection against water downpour and soil erosion. 

The unique exposure and the eroded, clay-rich ryolite loam gives the soil many minerals. Due to these factors the vineyard produces complex wines with great aging potential.


After hand-harvest and rigorous hand-sorting 28-35 days of total maceration to preserve the varietal's character. Controlled malolactic fermentation in stainless steel and small used French oak.

Aged 80% in used French oak and 20% in ceramic egg for 10 months.

The Year

We had a freezing winter with a generous amount of snow that came handy to cover our new plantations. After a timely bud-break with just enough rain and perfect early summer blooming a long dry period came resulting “fat” and closed Furmint bunches which led to botrytis starting late September. The June-August period was quite warm. After a balanced ripening period we were able to start the harvest for sparkling base wines early, at the end of August. Outstanding, tight, “full-of juice” berry quality and perfectly settled must marked our way to blending. Our dry base wines also turned out to be bright, clean and aromatic as well. Some of our premium vineyards were partially attacked by botrytis a bit too soon which led to the loss of a limited amount of dry base wines. In the meatime we gained some wonderful quality juice for sweets. Looking forward to make some kick-ass Late Harvests and Aszú wines from 2017! Such a rare chance for us, Tokaj winemakers.


Type Wine
Acidity 5,4 g/l
Alcohol content 13,5 %
Varietal composition: pinot noir
pH 3,54
Bottle size 0,75 l
Beginning of harvest 2017-09-04
Bottling date 2019-06-19
Vinification in used oak barrels and in ceramic eggs
Ageing time 10 Month
Vineyards Birsalmás


Red ruby color
Light and aerial with strawberry and goosberry aromas.
Wonderfully silky tannins fill the palate before the balanced finish.

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