Vineyards / Villány
Winemaking / Villány

– Our goal is to handcraft clean, balanced and expressive wines. With this goal in mind, the utmost importance is placed on our vineyard practices: each cluster is hand selected to ensure only the highest quality fruit enter the winery.

– Once the fruit enters the winery a minimalist approach to winemaking is employed.

– Only indigenous yeast and bacteria are used to carry out fermentations and all movements of fruit and wine are performed with the use of gravity.

– This minimal intervention mentality and gentle handling, along with the most state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, allow us to display the quintessential qualities of our vineyards and the growing season.

Vineyards / Tokaj
Winemaking / Tokaj

– Using the power of gravity on three levels of the building largely simplifies our winemaking technology.

– The freshly harvested fruit starts its journey on the top floor with gentle pressing and ends up in the tanks or barrels of the first floor.

– Small size (230-500l) stainless steel tanks and barrels in the fermentation process help us to keep even small quantities separately in order to show off the beautiful diversity of our vineyards.

– Our old cellar of ancient caves, carved into the hillside and under the city`s cobble-stone streets, dating back to the 16th century holds 200 exclusively French and American barrels.

– All of our wines are bottled at the winery

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