Christian Sauska
Tokaj / Villány
Andrea Sauska
Tokaj / Villány
Péter Pohl
Tokaj / Villány
Markó Ildikó
Balázs Hága
Gábor Rakaczki
Wéber Norbert
Czemiczki István
Katona Dániel
Tokaj/ Villány

Our consultants:

  • Dr. Stefano Chioccioli oenologist (2010- )
  • Dr. Stefano Dini viticulturist (2009-)
  • Paul Hobbs winemaker (2004-2009)
  • Marcelo A. Casazza viticulturist (2008-2009)
  • Amanda McPhee winemaker (2008-2009)
  • Ximena Pacheco winemaker (2006-2007)
Christian Sauska Tokaj / Villány

Owner and proprietor Christian Sauska was born near Villány, but his true passion for wine began with a bottle of 1966 Bordeaux. It was 1977, and he was able to purchase half bottles of this stellar vintage for a few dollars at the local liquor store. He had moved to the US from Hungary just a few years prior, speaking little English, and having few resources at his disposal. He did not even have a car at the time of this serendipitous purchase.

By day he worked his way up from the assembly line of an architectural lighting firm, eventually becoming vice-president. He put himself through school at night receiving both his BS in engineering and his MBA. At the same time he was educating himself, he was also educating his palate, developing a passion for fine wines from around the world. In the late ’90s, after meeting wife Andrea, he decided to start making wines of his own. He could have started this venture anywhere but he had maintained strong ties to Hungary, and wanted to leave a legacy for his children, Christian, Stefanie and Miki.
Moreover, he wanted to create world class dry wines, equal in quality and stature to both the sweet Tokaji Aszú for which Hungary is famous, and to the Bordeaux which had initially inspired his interest; wines that respected the terroir of their respective regions, and, in keeping with his engineering background, utilized the latest technology to do so.  In order to achieve this goal he has enlisted the help of word-class consultants, to guide the Sauska-team, comprised of some of Hungary’s finest home-grown talent.

Andrea Sauska Tokaj / Villány

Started her career as a travel journalist with a keen interest on food and wine. From the early 90`s she became the deputy mananger of the Hungarian Tourist Board Press Department organizing special trips for the international written and electronic media in Budapest and later in New York.

She always saw Hungarian food and wine as a great way to bring her country close to people`s heart. Immensely proud of the growing family wineries and their remarkable wines she contributed to many cookbooks, wine guides, tv and radio specials about Hungary.

Today she shares her time between Hungary and the United States. Beside shaping the two family wineries she has a great passion of cooking. Her pet project is the Essencia Cooking School in Budapest she runs with a tiny team of passionate, foodie people.

Loves smart people and good conversations about anything. Her favorite wine is a good rose from anywhere because „ let it be a blend or a varietal wine it reflects the winemaker`s knowledge, creativity and passion quite accurately.”

Péter Pohl Tokaj / Villány

Managing director of our Villany winery. He was born in Bóly, a small village nearby where his family lives. Among his 4 siblings no one works with wines but they have fond memories about the many fun summers at the small vineyard worked by his parents. .

He received his degree of Food Engineering (MSC) at the Szent István Egyetem in Budapest, worked as an intern at the Vylyan Winery and ended up with us as cellar master.

Vineyard practices are currently what he considers the biggest challenge for himself and the team. But having a great local team, consultant and friend Stefano Dini and a newly found obsession with the modern Italian viticulture makes every day quite challenging and fun.

His favorite indigenous grape is Kékfrankos because” after a few vintages behind us it remains different and secretful every time I taste it. This grape has many faces and we are still very far of knowing them all.”

Sangiovese is an other non-local favorite of his. Light body and strong acid structure together is and will always be a great challenge for every winemaker.”

Markó Ildikó Villány

Winemaker of our Villány winery. Originally a city girl but knowing her today it is really hard to believe.

She received her degree of Food Engineering (MSC) at the Szent István Egyetem in Budapest. As one of the original team-members of the winery she is responsible of the wine lab to make sure we get all the answers to our questions regarding to the grapes as well as the wines.

Her newly- found home is a tiny village near the winery that was famous once about its big population of wealthy people with nothing but vineyards inVillány.

Committed to the Paleolithic lifestyle, she grows her own veggies and buys nothing but organic meat at the market.

Ildi is a proud member of the village dance group trying to preserve the wonderful of its Swabish-German culture and traditions. Her heart belongs to Kadarka, forever.

Balázs Hága Villány

Balázs has lots of great memories of playing outside in the forest in Tolna, the small town he grew up in near Szekszárd.

After earning his diploma in viticulture in Kecskemét, he worked in a wine shop and challenged himself as a wine journalist. He then dreamed even bigger and decided to move to New Zealand.

During the next adventurous eight years, he worked for three wineries learning the nuances of modern vineyard management and winemaking, tasting, logistics, and even accounting. He graduated as winemaker at the University of Auckland in 2013.

After the birth of his son, he decided to return to Hungary. He now lives in Harkány with his family, still sometimes dreaming of ocean surfing but mostly just playing his son the guitar.

Gábor Rakaczki Tokaj

Agricultural engineer,viticulturist and winemaker. He started his career at Tokaj Kereskedőház, worked in the United States and achieved his first remarkable success at the Degenfeld Winery.

He is the head of Tokaj winemaking-team since 2009 with great dedication toward the wineries new dry white wines both indigenous varietal wines and blends. His hope is to learn more about his favorite local grape Furmint more by every harvest, loves Rhone Rieslings and addicted to the nature, bikes, hikes and likes to go for kayaking on the river Bodrog.

His favorite reads are old books about travelers, explorers and adventurers. An avid photographer documenting the life the winery for his own and our greatest pleasure.

Wéber Norbert Villány

A local boy with passion and love towards the Villány-terroir, Norbi has been with us since the very beginning, helping to create the estate.  His knowledge about the vineyards, locations, altitudes, and soil-types is unparalleled for someone at his young age.

Norbi started as a trainee with Zoltán Günzer and remembers him with great respect.  One decade and two diplomas later, he became a viticulturist and horticultural engineer while working at the Sauska Winery. Norbi oversees our entire 65 hectares and leads over 50 people.

Blaufrankisch is his wine and Bayern München is his team. Needless to say, there is no local soccer game without him.

Czemiczki István Tokaj

István grew up in Tolcsva, a tiny, picturesque village in the Tokaj region. He never wanted anything else but to work on a vineyard. Focusing on his education first, he went to school together with his sister Adrienn and both ended up with a viticulturist and winemaking engineer diploma.

He was a trainee at the Beres and Oremus wineries before making a big move to New Zealand, where he worked for the Martinborough i-Te Kairanga Winery.

István loves and knows Tokaj really well and he plays an integral part in creating an even, balanced vineyard system, planting and replanting indigenous varietals, and finding and fitting international varietal clones for the Tokaj-terroir.

A true local patriot: even the spritzer he loves can only be made with Tokaj wine.

Katona Dániel Tokaj/ Villány

As a University of Szeged student, Dani spent his vacations in Santa Maria Maggiore, near the Swiss-Italian border, as a bartender and waiter. In mid-August, on his way back to school, he usually stopped in Piedmont to help with the harvest at a family winery.

It is no wonder that the young history teacher never made it into the classroom. He chose a French restaurant in Budapest, Jardin de Paris instead, working his way up from waiter to restaurant manager.

In 2010, he was handpicked by the Nobu-team and soon he found himself in the company’s training center in London. Dani made his debut at the Budapest Nobu as reservation manager.

Dani has been working with us since 2012 as brand manager. Constantly on the go, he still manages to work on completing his MBA thesis at the University of Lyon.

Dani also likes reading, especially Oriana Fallacci, while enjoying a glass of white wine, which is almost always Sauvignon Blanc.