Each of our Villány-blends are numbered using  prime numbers (5,7,11,13)  positive whole numbers that are only divisible by one and themselves. The lower the number, the higher the quality.

The Tokaj Cuvee`s numbering concept (105, 107, 111, 113) is even more simple.  We added 100 to each of our Villány prime numbers which also resulted prime numbers with the exception of 111.

The numbering “means” nothing at all. It shows proprietor Christian Sauska`s lifelong attraction to mathematics and our intention to let wine lovers  decide what they think about our wines without being influenced by any fancy or pretty names.

An indigenous flower called Crocus, trademark of the origin-protected wines of the region.



Explore the neighborhood by car, bike or train!

On the way from/to Villány we like to stop in Pécs, one of the most magnificent cities of our country! Our new favorites are the Early Christian Burial Sites just opened to public a few years ago , and the Zsolnay Quarter with a brand-new exhibition of a stunning private Zsolnay porcelain collection.

The spa in the town of Harkany is open throughout the year, a truly relaxing experience for grown-ups and kids!

Biking, walking and people-watching cost close to nothing and still the best way to understand an other culture. Bike routes and where-to-rent information here, along with the most informative website of the Villany wine region.




On your way to Tokaj, the big city worth a stop is Miskolc. University towns always has great atmosphere – Miskolc is no exception. It has a bubbly cultural life, a very high-quality summer opera festival , a great theater with dance and opera performances . Miskolc is exceptionally rich in Jewish historical sights, too.

More information on Miskolc and area here.

Arriving to Tokaj the best way to understand this little town is to check out the tiny but interesting local museum.

(Don’t forget that all the Hungarian Museums are closed on Mondays!) and visit as many wineries as you can. Most of the wineries are happy to have visitors not only for tasting but for a good conversation as well. But please don’t forget to call them (us) or send an email in advance!

More on Tokaj.

Tokaj and area by bike.

Tisza and Bodrog river cruises.