September 9, 2014

Birtok Hárslevelű 2012 – aranyérem

“The perfume is big and bold, yet feminine – spring flowers, peaches, caramel, walnuts. Fine and inviting. Lovely focused fruit on the palate, citrus peel and white peach. Full-bodied and slightly waxy, with powerful yet well-balanced alcohol and refined acidity. Clean and long finish.”


Sauska Merlot 2011 – arany

“Complex nose – violet, bramble and hint of spicy oak – with some interesting ‘foreign’ elements such as elderberry, eucalyptus and cassis. The palate is pure and concentrated, with lovely fruit intensity and freshness. Ripe strawberries and vanilla. Bright and juicy with well-handled tannic backbone. Great length.”


Sárgamuskotály 2013 – ezüstérem

“Lovely perfumed, fruity, floral Muscat notes and ripe peach – very pretty aromas. Clean but complex. Lively, fresh but rich and weighty at the same time. Bitterish (because of the variety), lingering and enjoyable.”


Birsalmás Furmint 2011- ezüstérem

“Very nutty, earthy, almost sherry notes on the nose, and a suggestion of butterscotch. Pure and perfect fruit on the palate, full-bodied and zesty. Intense but refined, with loads of freshness and a lingering finish.”


Kadarka 2012 – bronzérem

“Spicy crushed raspberry nose, very fruity, almost syrupy. Soft and supple palate dominated by fresh berry fruits, clean and uncomplicated yet enjoyable”.